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nasia governance committees

Executive Committee

Eino Emvula (Chairman)

Ninety One

Tertius Stears (Vice Chair)

Sanlam Namibia Holdings

Taimi Shejavali

Ashburton Investments

Martin Shaanika

NAMFORCE Life Insurance

Gerda Ochse

Entrepo Life

Audit & Risk Committee

Martin Shaanika

NAMFORCE Life Insurance

Tertius Stears (Vice Chair)

Sanlam Namibia Holdings

Gerda Ochse

Entrepo Life

Taimi Shejavali

Ashburton Investments

Remco Governance Committee

Ben Bertolini (Chairman)

M&G Investments

Birte Schneider (Vice Chair)

Allan Gray Namibia

Johan van der Westhuizen

PPS Insurance Namibia

Tertius Liebenberg

Capricorn Asset Management


Investments Committee

The Committee is responsible for investment issues such as financial instruments, financial markets, valuation principles, benchmarks, mandates and financial products as well as data reporting for funds under management.

Chair: Birte Schneider
Vice Chair: Basson van Rooyen

Key Focus Areas:
  • Bond Market Architecture
  • Global Investment Performance Standards
  • Development Finance and funding for Infrastructure
  • Benchmarks
  • Retirement Fund Reform

Legal & Technical Committee

The Committee is responsible for legal, regulatory, compliance, and related activities. It is also responsible for regulation of matters that is ancillary to financial services and firms, including competition or anti-trust, insolvency, company formation and operation, capital flow regulation, and anti-money laundering and combatting of terrorist and proliferation financing. The Committee has an independent role with accountability to the Board. The Committee does not assume the functions of management, which remain the responsibility of the executive directors, officers and other members of senior management.

Chair: Karin Coetzee
Vice Chair: Evelina Thomas

Key Focus Areas:
  • Provide advice on different legal issues and assist in obtaining legal opinions, memoranda, and other legal documents.
  • Be actively involved in interpreting and providing input to influence different sub-ordinate policies, legislation and regulations for the benefit of the industry.
  • Make legal submissions and obtain authoritative legal opinions.
  • Draft guidelines for formalities regarding the settlement of disputes; and
  • Monitor the implementation of the legislation when and how they are amended.
  • Review existing legal documents of the Association and ensure that all documents are and remain legally sound.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable legislation, inter alia Competition laws, anti-money laundering and counter terrorism and proliferation laws, directives and guidelines of regulators such as NAMFISA and the FIC.

Research and Economic Savings Policy Development Committee

The Committee is responsible for all forward-looking market, product and related policy architecture. It seeks to achieve meaningful progress in selected policy areas that contribute to the growth of the savings and investment landscape in Namibia and strive for competitive equivalence across industry sectors, and jurisdictional boundaries relevant to the Namibian market. This includes governance, transparency, and taxation. In pursuance of the above, it will proactively engage policy makers and develop other strategic relationships relevant to its mandate. Research to inform the above, should be undertaken.

Chair: Tuyeni Akwenye
Vice Chair: John-Morgan Bezuidenhout

Key Focus Areas:
  • Government / Industry Task Team to complete work on removing hindrances and economic infrastructure projects in energy sector.
  • Engage the National Planning Commission (NPC) on weaknesses of current framework (declining savings) – NaSIA to decide on NPC strategy.
  • Task Team project agreed with National Treasury/DBN/GIPF to investigate co-funding model for State venture Capital Fund (our Enterprise Development Fund).
  • Task Team (Government / Labour / Industry) agreed by Minister of Finance to investigate potential solutions for promoting a jobs led recovery and an investment mind-set amongst Namibian savers.
  • Submission on the impending Income Tax and VAT Bill.

Tranformation, Skills Development and Education Committee

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that high quality learning solutions are created, evolved and delivered to meet the practical learning and development needs of NaSIA member organisations. The committee aims to ensure that the industry's skills base allows NaSIA members to compete as professionals with the best in the world; and aims to ensure the transformation of the industry in line with policy national empowerment legislation.

Chair: Tega Shiimi ya Shiimi
Vice Chair: Taimi Shejavali

Key Focus Areas:
  • Review and implementation of key pillars from the Namibian Financial Sector Charter (“FSC”) that supports transformation, skills development and training goals within the current framework of national empowerment initiatives.
  • Promotion of skills development, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.
  • Development of NaSIA Academy for on-the-job training and mentorship programs.

Market Conduct Committee

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that NaSIA members looks at aspects such a Treating Customers Fairly, engagement with NAMFISA for legislation of effective standards and oversight, including consultation and collating of comments on new draft legislation relating to market conduct; access to financial services for all; investigate current issues and future trends in marketing and the distribution of financial services.

Chair: Almarie Bartsch
Vice Chair: Sumari Von Kunow

Key Focus Areas:
  • Maintaining a pro-active focus on current issues and future trends in marketing and distribution within our industry and abroad.
  • Distribution capacity, including intermediary remuneration, and how it impacts on all distribution models.
  • Product disclosures and standards across the product spectrum that NaSIA members market to consumers.
  • Manage risks and decisions i.e. conduct risk that can result in decisions and behaviors that lead to detrimental or poor outcomes for customers as well as work on maintaining high standards of market behaviour and integrity.

Insurance Committee

The Committee is responsible for all matters specific to the long-term insurance industry, where members can interact to promote and protect their interests and the interest of current and future stakeholders of the long-term insurance industry in Namibia.

Chair: Andre Vermeulen
Vice Chair: Gerda Ochse

Key Focus Areas:
  • Assessing and responding to market developments i.e. identify and assess trends and developments both in the global economy as well as in the broader financial sector that could present challenges, opportunities, or risks to the sector.
  • Stakeholder communication/advocacy on long term insurance.
  • Proactively be a key stakeholder in all regulatory issues that pertain to the long-term insurance industry and communicate, assist and guide government, the regulator and insurance sector in trying to achieve industry success for all stakeholders.
  • Assist the Board of NaSIA to fulfil their duties.


The Nomination Procedure sets out the requirements and process for the nomination of member representatives to serve on NaSIA committee structures. The procedure facilitates transparency to member organisations and enables NaSIA to efficiently manage the process of appointing and replacing member representatives on committee structures. The Nomination Procedure is applicable to Governance Committees, Technical Board Committees and Working Groups that resort under Technical Board Committees.