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The NaSIA Networking Series

On 26 June 2024, NaSIA launched its first session of “The NaSIA Networking Series.” This initiative aims to create a structured platform for individuals and entities to convene, share insights, and build relationships, fostering discussions and collaborations that contribute to Namibia’s economic growth.

The session’s topic, “How to mobilise Namibia’s long-term savings to address development imperatives sustainably and enhance Namibians’ quality of life,” was explored by Prof Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser and a panel of experts. Prof Cabot-Alletzhauser’s presentation highlighted the ineffectiveness of applying developed countries’ pension fund models in Africa. Panelists, including Hendrik du Toit, Martin Inkumbi, Immanuel Kadhila, and Sydwill Scholtz, discussed the importance of collaboration among Namibia’s financial institutions to address the nation’s unique challenges.